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Glendale DUI Lawyer

If you are searching for a DUI lawyer in Glendale CA or throughout Los Angeles county, look no further than the Law Offices of Robert Yousefian. Attorney Robert Yousefian has been practicing law for over 30 years specifically in the criminal law arena. Mr. Yousefian has fought numerous DUI cases with great success.

When arrested for and subsequently charged with a DUI in Glendale, you may experience stress and worry. Harsh punishments imposed by the Court and/or DMV include significant fines, possible suspension and/or revocation of one’s driver’s license, or even serving jail time. Along with these Court and DMV imposed consequences, you may be faced with having to pay higher insurance rates by your own insurance company. To avoid these issues, it is vital to seek help from an experienced and knowledgeable Glendale DUI attorney.

How The Law Offices of Robert Yousefian Can Help

In California, a DUI investigation begins when a driver is pulled over and is suspected of intoxication. During such an investigation, an officer will ask the driver to perform a series of roadside/fieldsobriety tests. If an officer determines that the driver has failed one or more tests, the officer will place the driver under arrest and escort the driver to a nearby hospital for additional testing or to a police station for testing and/or booking. It is important to understand that if a person suspected of operating their vehicle while intoxicated refuses to submit to a chemical test, this person can still be and most likely will be arrested for DUI. In addition, the refusal of submission to a chemical test may subject you to a suspension of your driving privilege for one year.

Drunk driving is a very serious offense in California, therefore it is essential for a person facing these charges to seek the assistance of a knowledgeable and experienced Glendale DUI lawyer . The attorneys at the Law Offices of Robert Yousefian are ready to provide a rigorous defense to either reduce the charges against you or get your entire case dismissed. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Robert Yousefian will look for flaws in the investigation, faulty testing equipment, or inaccurate scientific calculations, among other available defenses. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Robert Yousefian will also work diligently on negotiating with the District Attorney’s office in order to obtain a favorable plea bargain. However, if your case goes to trial, rest assured that the attorneys at the Law Offices of Robert Yousefian will be prepared to vigorously defend you at trial.

Our Service Area and Client Testimonials

For over two decades, the Law Offices of Robert Yousefian has successfully fought DUI cases. The entire team serves Glendale and the surrounding Los Angeles areas. They are dedicated to delivering top representation to all clients.

Numerous people have expressed satisfaction with the performance of Attorney Robert Yousefian. One gentleman exclaims relief that he did not have to serve jail time after his DUI charge. A different client is happy to report on the amount of support offered by the firm’s entire staff. “Robert Yousefian works extremely hard to make sure his clients are treated fairly in the court system.”

To get back on the road quickly, seek help from a qualified DUI attorney in Glendale CA. Contact the Law Offices of Robert Yousefian for a free consultation. You will want the best on your side in this time of need.

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