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Glendale Car Accident Attorney

Car Accident Attorney Glendale CA

For anyone in California needing a Car Accident Attorney, our legal team is an excellent choice for finding an effective and experienced legal representative like the Law Offices of Robert Yousefian. The Yousefian law firm is one of the most professional car accident lawyers in Glendale CA has to offer for those who have been badly injured in an accident. Our Glendale car accident attorneys understand that being properly compensated for damages resulting from an auto accident can be a long and frustrating process when the insurance companies and defendants are attempting to defend the claim. There can often be more than just a single driver who is in a position of legal liability when accidents are finally evaluated.

Determining Fault

Insurance companies like to influence the final determination of fault in any car accident, but a skilled personal injury attorney understands how bad faith insurance companies operate when attempting to settle a claim for a minimal amount. The court can even intervene when your legal counsel can prove that the insurance company is purposely delaying or refusing completely to pay a valid legal claim, which can result in an independent claim against the company. In addition, some accidents occur as a result of defective vehicle equipment or highway maintenance failures. The potential for multiple defendants is present in many cases, especially when there are multiple cars involved, including commercial vehicles. Commercial vehicle accidents can also mean that the company who owns the business may be at fault also.

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Why You Need an Experienced Car Accident Attorney

Car accident cases are notoriously complicated in many situations, especially when they are multiple car crashes or pile ups on an interstate or multiple lane highways. This is a common occurrence in a state like California with a massive number of motorists and commercial activity. California also implements a comparative negligence evaluation for each driver involved in an accident. Having a strong and experienced legal representative can often increase the value of your claim when they can successfully argue to the court that your personal fault percentage is minimal. This determination is anything but an exact science and having an experienced legal team is important to arrive at an accurate percentage.

Proving Fault

As in any other personal injury case, it is the burden of the plaintiff legal counsel to prove that an injury occurred as the direct result of a negligent act or failure to provide reasonable duty of care by the respondent party. This is not always an easy task and is no undertaking for an injured novice. Improperly filed claims can result in a summary dismissal. Your Glendale car accident lawyer can make sure that your claim is comprehensive and valid without the potential of a technical ruling to stop the claim. When manufacturers are also defendants the strict liability doctrine is used, which means your attorney need not prove negligence when the parts defect can be validated with documentation.

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