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How U.S. Immigration Law Works

US immigration law

The main reason the U.S. allows immigrants to enter the country is for family immigration and work-based immigration purposes.


Family Immigration

You can apply for a visa if you have an immediate family member who is a citizen of the United States. This includes spouses, unmarried children and parents. Family immigration in the U.S. can be quite difficult. Often, spouses and other family members can wait several months to a year to be approved for their visas.


Work-Based Immigration

If you are planning to live and work in the United States – and your company is sponsoring your visa – you may be eligible for a work visa. In some cases, visas are denied if the company cannot prove that the person cannot perform the duties.

A certain number of visas are also issued for cultural reasons or religious reasons. Certain refugees may also apply for entrance visas.


Why Would You Need an Immigration Lawyer?

There are numerous reasons why you might need an immigration lawyer. Some of these reasons may include answering questions about green card eligibility, emergency immigration issues, and difficulty obtaining a green card or citizenship.

Other reasons could include:

  • Reentering the country after deportation
  • Immigration process due because you have been hired by a U.S. company
  • Confusion over some or all of the forms or paperwork
  • Investment-based visa.

If you are in Los Angeles and you are concerned that you might be deported from the country or if you think your immigration application may be denied, you should seek legal counsel right away.

An immigration lawyer in Los Angeles can help you if you need assistance entering the country.


What Does the U.S. Take Into Account Before Accepting Immigrants?

  • Criminal records
  • Reason for immigration
  • Past immigration record

One of the main reasons U.S. is strict about accepting immigrants is due to the screening of known criminals. The U.S. immigration department will do a thorough background check to see if you have a criminal record or misdemeanor. This could include anything from a criminal arrest to driving under the influence.

The U.S. immigration department also wants to know the reason for your immigration to the United States. The common reasons are for family or work—yet US immigration law also allows a certain number of refugees and cultural visas too.


Why is the U.S. Unsure About Accepting Immigrants?

The U.S. has historically been concerned about accepting immigrants accepting jobs that current Americans are qualified to perform. Recently, the immigration departments have become concerned about national security and possible terrorist threats.

With that said, give us a call if/when you need an immigration attorney to stand by your side!




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